You found a fascinating guy from
, your own union produced while chose to formalize your union? To start with, please take the congratulations and wishes for happiness! In this post, we shall make an effort to let you know exactly what the after that measures tend to be:

  • what sort of charge if you make an application for, in accordance with your function, at
    diplomatic purpose within nation;
  • something a bride charge;
  • the way it varies from a visa for spousal reunification is the fact that really a charge for a certain purpose.

What kind of visa do you really need?

People from the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus therefore the Republic of Kazakhstan need an entryway charge to go to Germany. Ukrainian residents with a biometric passport can enter Germany for a period not surpassing ninety days without a visa.

There are 2 different
: Schengen visas and national visas. Schengen visas enable you to visit Germany and Schengen countries (the time of stay shall maybe not exceed 90 days), however they try not to offer reasons for some time stay or residency in Germany. For some time stay or residency in Germany, it is crucial to open up a national charge. The causes for acquiring a national charge can be different. Eg, employment, work look, studies, wedding, reunification with a spouse, etc.

Marriage Visa or Spousal Visa

If you are planning to marry a German resident, the best nationwide visa types tend to be a visa for wedding in Germany or a charge for reunification with your spouse. An important distinction between a marriage visa and a family group reunification visa is whether or not the marriage is to be concluded in the united states of origin with the applicants or even in the united states of location associated with the individuals. If few elect to register their unique relationship in the united states associated with bride (one of many east countries in europe) following live forever in Germany (the groom’s country of beginning), they’ll submit an application for a German charge for the true purpose of family members reunification after summary of these matrimony. In the event the matrimony will be registered in Germany plus the pair intentions to live permanently in Germany following subscription of commitment, the bride must submit an application for a marriage charge so that you can go into the country.

Proof German vocabulary abilities

Within web log posts we typically discussed the necessity to discover German already from the matchmaking period (in other words. if your wanting to have met the match). Exactly why is it very important? To get a fiancée visa or a visa to reunite together with your wife, the state certificate of proficiency in German degree A1 ought to be made available to the German diplomatic mission, among other papers. Stage A1 could be the very first standard of German. There’s absolutely no question that you will have no problem passing this examination. However, if you have not studied German prior to and are also beginning scratch, it may take quite a while to learn your exam, therefore the date of step depends on as soon as you successfully move the test.

Documents had a need to sign up for a fiancée charge

You might get a list of files needed for applying for a fiancée charge or a visa for reuniting with your wife in the Catholic Dating site official website of German embassy or consulate inside country. While preparing files, we really do not advise to use information given in unofficial sources (message boards, blog sites, etc.). Refer to the official information of German embassy or consulate inside country.

Bridal visas and residence permits

A fiancée’s charge will assist you to enter Germany and wed legally. An individual will be hitched in Germany, you have to apply to the Ausländerbehörde (foreigners’ workplace) in your host to property for a residence license.